Kweekseizoen 2018
18 augustus 2018
TT vogels 2018
14 oktober 2018

Breeding Season 2018


Firstly the world championship in Cesena, Italy: I won 3 gold medals and 1 bronze medal, which means I now have 14 golden medals, 15 silver and 15 bronze. Sta nu op een totaal van 14 gouden 15 zilveren en 15 bronzen medailles.

Next the breeding:

I've never had as good of a season and this years. I started by spraying the cages with Intermitox and using Mil-Ban, and the birds got some U200. I started with the older birds that weren't doing so well. I also had some issues with the weather which caused some eggs to not hatch. The exhibition birds went great, they all had 3 or 4 young. I didn't lose many birds, and the lice didn't cause much of an issue, except near the end.

At the start of June I was done and had about 330 young, which is more than I've ever had. The hot weather doesn't seem to cause many issues, they get fresh water two times a day and bathing water once a day.

Next in line is the world championship in Zwolle, which I believe will go really well.

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