"Twentyone times world champion, forty times Dutch Champion and over 40 times second and third place"

My achievements

I've acquired the world title for the first time in 1990 in Split, for the second time in 1993 in Breda, for the third time in 1998 in Zutphen, for the fourth time in 2002 in Ypres and for the fifth time in Lausanne in 2004. The sixth and seventh time in 2011 in Tours. The eigth time in 2012 in Almeria. The ninth time in 2015 in Rosmalen . The tenth, eleventh and twentyfirst time in Matosinhos , and the 12th 13th and 14th time in Cesena, and 15 to 20 in Zwolle.

I've gotten silver twenty times and bronze seventeen times.

At the ANPV I became champion about 6 times during the last years. Further I became 2nd and 3rd about twelve times.

Won prizes

Some of my award winning birds and the prices that I have achieved..