Eerste tentoonstelling van het jaar
27 oktober 2016
Breeding Season 2007
10 november 2016

Breeding Season 2006

I started the breeding of 2006 with 44 females and about 35 males. I put them in 44 breeding cages. Usually I start each year in the first week of Februari but because of the cancelled world championships due to the bird flu I started 1 month earlier. I have the lights on from 4AM to 7PM. I do this for 5 weeks afer which the birds are ready and they can start building nests for eggs.

When the birds lay eggs I replace them with fake ggs. I repeat this every day until they lay the fourth egg which is when I put back the real eggs. I do this so they all hatch at the same time. The breeding takes about 13 days, try to disturb the birds as little as possible. It takes about 30 days for the young birds to grow up, afterwards the females usually start building a new nest. I put the nest with young birds on the ground of the cage so the new nest can be build.

The females usuall lay about 3 or 4 eggs. Sometimes after about 4 or 5 days I check to see if the eggs are fertilised by holding them under light. If they're fertilised you should see veins inside the egg.

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