Breeding Season 2015
10 november 2016
Second exhibition of the year
10 november 2016

Breeding Season 2016

First a retrospect on the world championships in Matosinhos, Portugal.

I managed to win 5 medals. Gold and silver with blue canaries, gold with gold canaries and bronze with silver canaries. With the individuals I won silver with a blue lizard.

I started the breeding by vaccinating with tylosine, I hadn't done this last year. The fertilising started well and the young came out well, but after about 7 days around 50 young died. What I did differently this year was not giving grog. I immediately ordered grog and after another 7 days everything went well again. I mixed it with the food until they get their rings. It went well until July when it got hot, and I saw some black mites. It kept getting worse and I couldn't get rid of them, but fortunetely I had my 300 young. Things like this show that every year is different, which is what keeps it interesting.

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