Breeding Season 2009
10 november 2016
Breeding Season 2011
10 november 2016

Breeding Season 2010

This year I won two medals, a silver and bronze one, at the COM world championships. These were in Porto, Portugal where about 20.000 birds competed.

After these results I was excited to start breeding, which could only go better than last year. I started by giving the birds a drop of Ivomac under the wings against mites. The eggs were layed and with the exception of one they were all fertilised. I gave them vitamin E a few weeks back. The eggs hatched and in a short amount of time I had 100 young birds. Unfortunately after about 10-11 days some of them were thrown out of their next, this caused me to lose about 30 youngs. It was very cold at the time, they had no chanc eof survival.

I investigated how this was possible, was it the males or the females, the cold or something else. It turns out it was because of the vitemin E of which I give too much. It caused the males to want to start breeding too early, so they threw out the current youngs to make place for new ones. I immediately stopped giving vitamin E and after a while it all went back to normal.

After all of this at the end of May I have almost 250 youngs. After a rough start it al turned out fine.

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