Breeding Season 2007
10 november 2016
Breeding Season 2009
10 november 2016

Breeding Season 2008

I started the breeding later than the previous years due to the COM world championships in Hasselt where I won a bronze medal with gold lizards. The breeding went really well this year with 260 young birds by the end of May.

I did have a few birds with black spots but not as many as usual. I took more precautions this year against mites and I haven't seen any. I used an insect powder called Insecto Sec this year that I got at the AZ show in Kassel. The most important thing was a new substance I used called Animec which you have to apply to the underside of the wing, this lasts for 4 months and works great against mites. Young birds that go to the cages outside also get this substance. I hope I bred some good birds, we'll see the results at the next exhibition.

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