Breeding Season 2006
10 november 2016
Breeding Season 2008
10 november 2016

Breeding Season 2007


I started the breeding early this year because there was no world championship, For many breeders this is a source of income and the opportunity to acquire quality birds. Hopefully this year they will take place in Hasselt. I started early with breeding and first disinfected everything with cold-ice and Ocepou.

I started with 44 breedingcages of which 22 have couples and 22 have 1 male and 2 females. I do this when I have really good males, I put them with 2 females. The breeding went well with few young lost. except that every year I have a problem with some males attacking the young birds. Watch this carefully, I usually completly remove these males from the breeding. Everything went well until around May when I had problem with mites which killed about 20 young birds. I tried using more Ocepou. but this didn't help.

Afterwards several breedings told me everyone suffered from this, probably from the mild winter of last year. In July, like every year, I vaccinated the birds. I have about 230 young birds outside that are moulting and in September I'll select birds for the exhibitions.

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