Breeding Season 2012
10 november 2016
Breeding Season 2015
10 november 2016

Breeding Season 2013/14

First off the breeding of last year, it went well and had about 280 young at the start of July. No mites at all, I did encounter some black spots.

Next is the breed of 2014. I'm nearly at the halfway point and have about 145 young. I started right after the world championships and the females started building nests right away. Nearly all of them were fertilised. I used 3 tablets of Amoxoral per 1 liter of water for 5 days, this worked well against black spots. I also do a 6 week treatment against mites when the birds are outside. I used ivomec with 0,1 ml water. I hope it continues going well and I'm done in time.

And now the exhibitions in Hasselt and Bari. I was present in Hasselt since it wasn't far from home. I won a silver and bronze medal for blue canaries, 2 times bronze for silver canaries and bronze for gold canaries. So in every colour category I won something. I didn't think the exhibition was organised very well. The lightning was bad and it took me an hour to get inside in the morning. I didn't attend the championships in Bari, but I did go to Reggio in November. On the championships in Bari I won silver and bronze for blue canaries, and silver for individual blue. The Italian breeders did well. I know most of them personally and they bred great birds. Next year are the championships in Rosmalen, Netherlands and we'll see if I have a home advantage.

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